Meditation As Lifestyle

When asked what is the meaning of “meditation”, it will be found many definitions that describe it. Physically, it may look like a meditation sitting cross-legged activity, closed eyes, and then adjust the breath and mind to make mind more calm. For some people, meditation is a part of the cultural rituals associated with a particular religion.

However, meditation can actually be done by any person without referring to anything. Meditation has become a routine activity is increasingly popular in many circles. Even now a part of the lifestyle.
Meditation can now be referred to as a lifestyle, because without realizing it, meditation is more popular as a way to “eliminate stress”. Meditation becomes a prestige as well as the value that brings us to the awareness to recognize exactly who we are, how our minds work, and an awareness of real life.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, Professor of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) are also meditation expert, said, “Wherever You Go, There You Are”. Meditation will lead us to the best way to be addressed and provide a positive influence on the situation in the future. No matter what our past, how hurt our hearts, and how strong our problems in life, meditation makes us so confident that the present and future that will be used as the basis for a permanent move with confidence that we CAN! Life continues to grow, problems and achievements, will not be a major impact on our attitude. Meditation helps the success to keep looking down and the move failed to remain upright.

In practical terms, meditation is a process to control the flow of our thoughts. The human mind is always active think about things, plan or ambition in life often make us feel always busy, in a hurry, and depressed. Meditation helps us to think and act more calmly.
Tranquility can be achieved by doing breathing techniques. Yes, breathe. Activities that sometimes we do not realize, was a big influence on the performance of the brain. When we focus on breathing activity, there will be a strong connection between body and mind. With regular breathing, gentle, and slowly, then we are also calm the body and mind. Brain waves during meditation (condition Delta) will look much quieter than the condition when the body awake (Beta condition).

Meditation can now no longer seen as an odd activity or abnormal rite, as many suspected people relate to things such as: communicating with spirits, or “switch” to another realm. Meditation is not a paranormal activity, but associated with calming the mind and consciousness. When meditating, it does not mean your mind drift away. Instead, the mind becomes acutely aware of, it’s just more calm, quiet, and focus on the moment of our time.

Meditation is not just the activity of one hour cross-legged on the agenda every day at the same hour. Meditation can be inserted in any of our activities, if done with focus and conscious. If you’re eating, do so with the realization that we were eating, the food will taste really good. When walking, be aware that we are running and focus on the goal our way. In principle, when our mind calm and focused, it is easier to enjoy life and whatever happens in it.

Meditation as a way of life that has been done by a Adjie Silarus. His past experience that once made Adjie stress to weakened physical health, was not able to make Adjie lose. Adjie got up and continued to strengthen. He reached a peak when using meditation as THERAPY and making a healthy lifestyle. Now, Adjie Silarus the prime as a meditator reaches delta conditions.
Let’s start Adjie follow Silarus, by making meditation a part of the lifestyle. Grit eyes, breathing set, and we will have control over ourselves and our lives.